Why do I need a payment gateway?
A payment gateway is essential for online trade. It creates the link between your website and your merchant account, and takes care of all sorts of payment security, minimising your risk of chargebacks.

How do I get paid?
morphpay does not handle any of your funds, we simply provide online payment authorisation with appropriate security. Once a transaction is authorised, it is flagged for settlement with your merchant account provider and you will receive your funds in the usual way. Normally, this is by direct bank credit within 1 - 3 days.

Can I take payments over the phone?
Yes! We provide you with a virtual terminal that can be used through your web browser to take payments.

Can I re-bill a customer, or make continuous weekly/monthly payments?
With each successful transaction we generate a unique cross-reference identifier. This can be used to take further payments, or make refunds. You can use our Direct Integration to make continuous payments with this same cross-reference. Some programming work would be involved on your website, which we can help you with.

Because we use the cross-reference system, you never need to store card data. This massively simplifies your PCI-DSS compliance and security requirements.

How secure is morphpay?
The morphpay platform is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) at the highest possible level: Level 1. This is the same standards of compliance and security you would expect from any high street bank or financial institution. The platform is independently audited each year to ensure the very highest standards of security.

Will you integrate my website with morphpay for me?
We provide bespoke integration and development services at a special discounted rate. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

What is a merchant account?
Any business wishing to accept credit card or debit card payments will need a merchant account from an acquiring bank. Funds received into the merchant account from card payments are normally credited to the business' bank account within 3 days of receipt. The acquiring bank charges fees on each transaction made and invoices these separately, usually on a monthly basis.

There are different categories of merchant account:

  • retail, for in-person transactions

  • MOTO (Mail Order / Telephone Order), for over-the-phone transactions

  • e-Commerce, for online transactions.

morphpay can help you set up a merchant account with either Barclaycard or First Data, two of the largest acquiring banks operating in the UK.